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Singing at the Bone Tree

The journey to connect with nature and the wild self, inevitably encounters frustration, disappointment and grief for our treatment of the earth, as well as experiencing its beauty. But if you accept what is, if you listen and watch – the wild reveals itself and our animal self responds through our imagination. Singing at the Bone Tree was the winner of the 2013 Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize and is published by Indigo Dreams

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Voyage to Iona

Pilgrimage, they say, involves effort, determination and a heart-mind open to serendipity. In the creative process we need to empty, to find a beginner’s mind and allow unfocussed awareness to wash over everything, until something significant surfaces. It is much the same with pilgrimage. Everything and everyone you encounter takes on meaning. Going somewhere for the first time enhances that process.

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It Takes Light to Cast a Shadow

We tend to praise the light and shun the dark. There are those who glamorise and relish the dark as a sanctuary of rest, introspection, beauty and imagination. Others associate it with danger, evil, punishment and demons both inner and outer. The fact of ‘matter’ is that we cannot have light without dark, or dark without light.

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