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Blogging Tour

One of my favourite Bristol based poets, Deborah Harvey, asked me to take part in this ‘blogging tour’. It’s a chain of blog posts by poets on a series of shared questions about their writing. It’s an indoor tour that takes place without muddy boots, teashops or historic sites, unless you’re in the habit of walking with tablet accoutrements.

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The Rejection Dance

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, it seemed useful to explore some of the shadow side of our eternal need for love. Not everyone gets a pretty card or bunch of flowers, not everyone’s love reaches another’s heart. Rejection is

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The Landscape of Change

Last month saw our Somerset landscape revert to wetland. Somerset was historically called the Summerlands for that reason, until extensive efforts to drain the Levels and a network of rhynes kept floods at bay. Now a pattern of winter flooding

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