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A Touch of the Wild is all it Takes

There are times when I need to get off the island as we say in Glastonbury, known also as the Isle of Avalon. Whilst I love itmerry green tree here, it is a small town and the land is flat and cultivated. At the end of winter, especially such a long, wet one as we’ve had here, I’m twitching to get out into wilder landscape and let the winds blow through my clogged brain and spirit. So I booked a couple of days on Dartmoor

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Blogging Tour

One of my favourite Bristol based poets, Deborah Harvey, asked me to take part in this ‘blogging tour’. It’s a chain of blog posts by poets on a series of shared questions about their writing. It’s an indoor tour that takes place without muddy boots, teashops or historic sites, unless you’re in the habit of walking with tablet accoutrements.

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