My mixed media paintings are done with pastel and acrylics and are inspired by experiences in some of Europe and Britain’s ancient sacred sites. They express my connection with the Goddess. Each image is available as a print on 310 gsm high quality textured art paper in two sizes or as A5 greeting cards. Prices are in £ (GBP) and include Postage & Packing. Please click the image to expand and close.

Dreaming the Hypogeum

Dreaming the Hypogeum –This awesome underground honeycomb catacomb was only discovered in Malta in the 1990’s, beneath houses in a side street and is 5,000 yrs old. It is a place of dreaming with incredible acoustics. Singing there with other women – was a highlight of my life. She waits in the earth for us to call Her to life.

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Dancing at the Dolmen

Dancing at the Dolmen – Pentre-Ifan burial chamber is one of Wale’s most famous ancient sites. Lying in sight of the Pressilli Mountains it has profound energies. During a full moon ceremony, three cloaked priestesses lurked in the shadow of the stones and I saw them as the Three Fates – blind wise sisters of old.

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Envisioning Knossos

Envisioning Knossos – The throne room at Knossos Palace was really the priestess’s oracle chamber. The High Priestess sat on what is known as ‘Minos’ Throne. She embodied the Goddess and bull leapers honoured her with astounding acrobatics. I feel deeply connected Goddess in this sacred place and a sense of returning home.

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Crones at Carn Euny

Crones at Carn Euny – This Cornish prehistoric settlement with its fogou (underground passage) and beehive chamber is special to the Crone and local priestesses celebrate their Samhein ceremonies there. I had my 60th birthday croning ceremony there and have often been to reflect and connect.

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