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Counselling and psychotherapy offer a safe space to talk to someone in confidence, outside of family and friends. It can help you come to terms with the things you cannot change, courage to change what you can and insight to know the difference. A therapist can enable you to find answers and make the choices you need to make.

Based in Glastonbury, I offer short-term counselling, focusing on a current issue, and long-term therapy to explore more deeply aspects of your life that may have contributed to your situation. I am a BACP senior accredited and registered counsellor and psychotherapist.

Trained originally in Psychosynthesis, I have worked with groups and individuals since 1984. I have evolved an integrative approach to my work. I like to empower people by offering practical self-help strategies, as well as drawing on the spiritual perspectives embodied by Psychosynthesis. Special interests include: self-esteem, addiction, life changes, abuse, creativity and spirituality.


As a qualified and experienced supervisor, I offer supervision for a range of professionals. For many years I was involved in creating and running accredited professional training in spiritual counselling.

I have worked in a variety of fields including addiction recovery and GP practice.

I am the author of a self-help book: Breaking The Spell – The Key To Recovering Self-esteem.

You can arrange an initial session to discuss your issues and decide how we might work together. Contact me.

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