Rachael lives and works in Glastonbury where she enjoys the unique character of its community and landscape. Her first career, back in the sixties and seventies, was as a professional actor on stage and television. She then became involved in work with cancer patients and families, setting up London’s first cancer support centre, now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Rachael published her self-help book: Cancer Your Life Your Choice (Thorsons 1986).

This work led her to train as a psychotherapist. Rachael has run a private practice since 1987 and has worked with a range of people in different settings. She loves the way that counselling and psychotherapy empowers people to connect with themselves and their lives in a more fulfilling way.

Rachael is sustained by her creativity as an artist and poet, employing her performance skills at poetry events and writing a regular column in the local journal. She is also passionate about ecological issues and love of the land.