Breaking the Spell

  Breaking the Spell arose from Rachael’s own recovery from low self-esteem as well as her work with clients. She draws on a variety of approaches: cognitive behavioural methods, addiction recovery work, spiritual and creative techniques.

Sharing her own experience gives Breaking the Spell a sense of equality and depth. It explains how self-esteem operates and ways of breaking destructive behaviour patterns. Each chapter gives activities for developing a healthier and more loving sense of self.

Practical and wise -an essential book for anyone seeking to understand and heal low self-esteem.“(Dr William Bloom)

I recently bought Breaking the Spell; it has moved me to tears of identification and relief…. on Crewe station of all places. Powerful stuff!” “A lovely, well laid out & empowering book, it helped me tremendously both personally & professionally.Read an extract from this book

Price £8 (inclusive of p&p) ISBN: 0-9544764-5-X – Kindle version also
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Girl Golem

Girl Golem

Rachael’s parents arrived in the UK, from Ukrainian Russia, as toddlers, together with their parents in 1912 & 1914. Heritage and sense of being other, are the threads that run through her new poetry pamphlet, Girl Golem. She draws on family, childhood and loss, as well as a visit to her ancestral homeland. Her perspective is quirky and peppered with humour. Girl Golem is published by 4Word Press £7 inc P&P.


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